Zoom sur le GDS (Government Digital Service) dont l’approche est à la fois mondialement reconnue et centrée sur les besoins utilisateurs pour améliorer les services publics.

Source : Ming Jun Tan (Unsplash)

Les besoins déterminent quels produits et services les gens utilisent. Bien que les offres évoluent avec le temps, les besoins ne changent pas. — Martin Jordan, No new base needs, (adapté de l’anglais)

L’approche GDS (Government Digital Service)

Les 10 principes (en français)

Adopting a different mindset

Photo credit: Pixabay

This is a call for designers, educators and anyone passionate about Education and having an impact. What if our collective knowledge put in context led to new solutions to our most pressing educational issues?

Reflections and notes

Image credit: oneteamgov.uk

Where are we supposed to turn if relationships with tech companies are constantly breached?

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Image credits: Snook

In a sector where we often have limited resources, (digital or not) Design is more than needed. In this article, I will share my learnings from all 4 talks.

Laura Bunt

Exec Director of Business Development, Addaction

Credits: Global Service Jam (Twitter)

I attended the Global Service Jam for the first time this year. It was an incredible experience, and that is knowing that I had no idea about:

1. What me and my team would come up with

2. Who my teammates were going to be

We had 48 hours to address a challenge, and we had to learn how to work together quickly and focus on doing more than discussing ways to do things. I joined Team 6 on day 2.

In this article, I will share 10 lessons that I learned during the jam.

#1 Keep an open mind

#2 Your team will be made of people you did not know with a mix of experiences and skills

Sandra Kpodar

Sandra is a Designer, a UX Researcher and an Educator interested in innovation, sustainability and technology. Posting content in EN/FR.

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