Can your website pass a load test?

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The most anticipated sale of the year is coming! This means both customers and retailers have some work to do before the sale takes place. While shoppers only have to prepare their checkbooks and wishlists, online store owners are required to do way more than just put out nice-looking Black Friday banners and wait patiently for November 27th to come.

This year it’s all happening online, so commerce websites are likely to see the biggest visit and user spike ever. …

“What are we doing wrong?”

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Software quality assurance and testing are complicated procedures that require dedication, technical expertise, an eye for detail, and hours of work. Testers are people who dive deep into your product and have a major impact on the final project’s outcomes. That’s why it is so important that the product owners understand well not only the importance of software testing but its pain points from within for more effective communication.

Today’s article focuses on bug reproduction issues that usually remain behind the scenes for everyone but testers, which isn’t always good for the whole software project’s quality.

“Can’t Reproduce” — What Are We Doing Wrong?

Many software testers sooner or later face a problem where a customer/their team can’t reproduce a reported bug. A bug that you spent time and effort investigating. You tried so hard to report it back in a clear and concise manner, and yet they throw the “can’t reproduce” verdict in your face. …

How to move your project forward without an in-house team and CTO

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We all live in a magical time, an era of innovation, in the age of unicorns. Everyone who reads tech news at least once in a while can’t help but get inspired by startup success stories. In reality, though, it turns out that building a tech company that will last is not as easy as it may seem, and stories of failure are much more common than journalists lead you to believe.

While there are more than 400 unicorns in the world, as many as 70% of startups fail. Other stats can be even worse — consumer hardware companies fail more often, with a shocking 97% rate. Startup Genome analysts shows that 90% of all startups will sooner or later die. As bad as it sounds, there may be a way out. Instead of focusing on the sad side of entrepreneurship, let’s think of what can be done to prevent those failures. What can startup owners do to make their journey easier and more enjoyable? Is there someone to help them survive, concentrate on their goals, and succeed? …

Today microservices are a significant part of the whole digital world. They have demonstrated high results and capability: speedy TTM, better scalability, the productivity of development, etc. Largest tech companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Groupon as well as small local development teams have adopted microservices already.

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There is thus a trade-off when choosing a programming language for creating microservices.

Actually, it may be a surprise, but almost any language meets microservices developing needs. Though the process by itself may be not as effortless as desired. It is time to discover the Top #3 programming languages for writing microservices!

Language choosing principles

As has been stated, there are no strict rules for choosing a framework or a language for building microservices. Still, some of the programming languages have better options for the patterns and principles of implementation around microservices architecture.

That’s important to know that frameworks and programming languages have some requirements to be suitable for microservices creation. …

Let’s consider new features announced at Google I/O 2019. Notably: View in 3D and Duplex for Web.

Website Performance

It is not a secret that the higher website’s rankings at Google SERP’s, the more traffic website gets. This also increases sales. And there is another great way to improve click-through rate and engage with users before they visit the website — Google’s “Enriched Results”. The “View in 3D” feature allows to attract potential clients and readers even further through the experience of augmented reality.

It is obvious that holding a “virtual” version of the product “in your hands” makes you feel like you already own this thing and this in turn increases the chances of a potential sale. For exapmle, it is totally different feeling when you just look at the picture of shoes and when you see them on the shelf, next to the rest of your collection. …

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AI is becoming more sophisticated each year at performing tasks that people do. And this performance is faster, cheaper and more efficient. It affects a lot of industries but we think that healthcare, manufacturing and civil engineering will experience a great technology breakthrough in the nearest five-ten years.

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare

AI is becoming a vital part of the healthcare ecosystem. One of the benefits that we can think of is a reduction of FTE (full-time employment) time in hospitals and no need to have personal meetings with the doctors. …

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Backend development refers to the server side of software and is invisible to users (backend developers add utility to everything the frontend designers create). Over the past few years, the capabilities of backend development have changed a lot. Things are moving towards flexibility, best code practices, and excellent compatibility with the frontend part of software. The back end of a solution determines how smoothly the application will run, and what experience, positive or negative, the user will gain from its use.

In our new article, we have selected backend programming languages that follow current market trends to develop high-quality and progressive software. …

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Today we’d like to take a look at some new features that were announced at Google I/O 2019. Namely: View in 3D and Duplex for Web.

Our CTO, Dmitry Barbashov, took the time to describe how he thinks these new features will affect a website’s performance and how might be the key developers will use to get the most out of these new features.

Website Performance

Most webmasters already know that showing up at the top of Google’s search results leads to more traffic, which frequently translates to more sales. They also know that utilizing Google’s “Enriched Results” can improve click-through rates and create engagement with the user before they even reach the website. …

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If you want to find something, you need to know what exactly you’re looking for. Like detectives, testing experts do a so-called investigation when they are looking for bugs. Each type of bug has its peculiarities. A software tester has to know all of them to recognize the “criminal”. Let’s learn different types of bugs that often prove to be more challenging to pinpoint.


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We can find this bug while examining all system’s functions and making sure they do what they have to. If the function does something odd, which is not on the requirements list, it is a bug. …


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