Finding your WHY can be tough…and here’s why:

I strongly believe that the philanthropic space is missing the element of competitiveness.

Yes, I said it. Innovation and creativity in this space depend on us taking a competitive mindset.

Now, competitive is a word that often carries with it a negative connotation.

  • Big banks going to the extreme to make a profit.
  • Nasty employment, and outsourcing policies to drive down costs.

The list goes on… but how can we most effectively use this mantra to inspire positive change?

  1. Design — this is the first thing people will see when they access your website, social media content or print publications. Design builds trust and is one of the most effective ways to tell a story. It is essential that organizations stay hungry and learn from each other on the most effective design principles to engage their followers. Organizations must challenge one another by taking risks — failure and understanding are essential to creating tailored design for YOUR organization.
  2. Messaging — we have all done it. We have sat there agonizing over that hashtag, title, or quote. The more that we sit and think about if that message is “RIGHT” … the more time we waste where we could be helping those in need. Sandwich for a Story has taken a very iterative approach in regards to external messaging, and we base much of our understanding around social media analytics. It’s easy to forget that each LIKE on your Facebook page or each FOLLOW on your Twitter is a real person — and that your messaging will always be evolving. So is it #InspirationMonday or #InspirationMondays ?
  3. Being an active participant in your community — Have you ever seen a campaign and thought maybe this is doing more BAD than it is good? We sure have, and we have made it our mission to actively question and challenge campaigns that we think may be having a negative impact on the community. Often, viral campaigns are built off negative emotions or the fact that people will be “disgusted” after they see the video or content. It is essential that we remember that there is a FACE behind many of these campaigns and as a community we should make it our mission to challenge those who are not focused on positively empowering people.

A competitive approach forces us to take risks that constantly challenge us to innovate and think of more creative ways to make a difference in our world!

To risks,

Sam Sawchuk, Co-Founder, Sandwich for a Story

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