Pret sandwich platters: the making of a great and nourishing sandwich platter

An event such as birthdays may not be marked complete without a sandwich meal for their popularity and nutritive value. Sandwiches are delicious meals made majorly of slices of bread stuffed with varieties of spices such as tomatoes, meats, and other ingredients. To stick things together for a yummy taste,it is spiced up with greasy feels like jams and mayonnaise which help to give you that complete sandwich appeal.

The best way you’ll have a sandwich for a party is what is to have it in platters which can be referred to as the party sandwich platters.

Platters like pret sandwich type of platters are sandwiches that are packed in box container forms. This can be a wooden or plastic container for the sandwich. They are often rectangular and are designed for this purpose.

If you are planning to have a great sandwich for your party or guests at home, here are some guides to help you on the way.

Variation in types

Sandwiches just like pizzas are meals you are not limited by anything on what you can have in them. this gives you the options of variation in what you want. The common you will find in making sandwiches is the components of lettuce, bacon and tomatoes. These are common with Sainsbury sandwiches.

Vegetarian in mind sandwich can be with cut cucumbers instead of beef or chicken elements. Other variations can be custom requirements. You can choose to have some potato added with reduced amount of greasy taste. These are nicely packed in between the sliced bread. What you decide for your sandwich is up to what you really like in your sandwich. Ensure to make a custom order if you want some variations followed for your order.


Platters are ways sandwiches are presented decently during delivery. This is suitable in a situation where the sandwich may have to pass from hand to hand before being consumed. When you order a sandwich for your office lunch or for parties, platters are the best form to have them delivered. In contrast, at home, it may not be deemed necessary to do so if you are preparing to consume immediately after preparation.

Catering service option of getting a sandwich platter

If you don’t want to be troubled or wasting time and effort to make all the preparation for your sandwich, the best option you have is a reliable catering service that will deliver on its promises. Sandwich catering services from reputable companies will provide the best for your sandwich needs for parties and office deliveries.

Companies as this can be found online for orders to be booked. You can make your orders and even state requirement for a preference you’d love. Your orders are prepared fresh for your maximum satisfaction. If you are the busy office worker, sandwich platters from tested hands will make you not miss anything from your regular dose of sandwich when you order.

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