On dating men with “potential”

Fabulous advice! Needs spreading everywhere women look, not just young women, but All women. Now, looking around, I see evidence of her truthe EVERYWHERE.

But the other side of the coin is also dangerous. An adult man who is steeped in his career can also break your heart. You’ve learned Lesson One about men w/potential. Now you have a man at your side who has met his potential and has an established Future. Hot Tip: seek out Whether he IS his job, and all his energy will forever go there…is there Any energy left for you, to cuddle you, to Care? Be careful of doctors, esp. surgeons. They are so immersed in their jobs that their identify IS their job. They may have Chosen that specialty so they do not have to learn social or loving skills. You may wind up tightly married, but ALL ALONE, LOVELESS.

Look at the career your man has chosen, and why he’s attracted, even addicted to it, even at the beginning. BE cautious, check every man out. Best probably would be to book you both into a kind of mutual discovery via a Psychological Social Worker. They come from the earthy, practical side of psychology — at least the ones I have known. Not a psychiatrist, unless you have lost touch with reality, which Falling in Love can imbue.

Listen to Ol Mama here, please, darling “daughters”. I love you.