Now is the time to pass the ERA in Illinois
Jennifer Camille Lee

GOOD TO MEET YOU. WE are spearheading Florida’s ERA ratification effort before the FL legislature For now 17 solid years, nonstop w/bills filed and co-sponsored, for FREE, 18/7!

I am 82 y/o and marched in several states for ERA passage in the 1970s.

We are a large grassroots, nonpartisan, nonprofit, non-sexist organization with single purpose: to pass the re-ignited Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution by achieving just 2 more state legislatures’ ratifications of it.

This Amendment would make mean and dangerous sex discrimination a violation of our Constitution, for male and female alike. Just that we females take the brunt. But, you Know that, of course! We

Just askin’ if you are in league with Illinois spearhead for its ratification, Jeanne Dauray. Bet you are, but if not and you’d like to partner up, let me know and I’ll introduce you.

Meanwhile, you are warmly welcomed to our site,, for some other slants on ERA. Great good luck! SandyO