Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

John, you sound SO bitter and project the blame on everybody else. No logic used. What a sad situation you are.

I’m just an 82 y/o woman who has always worked to make life better for all.

I came from nowhere moneywi$e. But made my Own way, workin Hard at 3 jobs to do well at a free college while raising 2 little girls and with my dear husband, working very had too. Had no money, studied using “required” texts from college library, dashing home to do the work there, dashing out to night classes.

Not that I am somebody Super. I was just determined to USE my life to better myself, and then others, as a nurse practitioner and volunteering for others in between. I now work 18/7 for you and All.

None of this made me anything but Proud, not Bitter like You.

Did you ever consider preparing Yourself so your would Not be uselessly Bitter like you are?

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