I’m not saying thank you.
KCN Poetry

Odd. I had exactly the same experience. I’m 82 y/o and leading one of the 3 large National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance (an amendment to the US Constitution !! that guarantees permanently that sex discrimination Violates the Law of the Land) for 17 years. Lobbying state legislatures so that ERA can get their votes to ratify it so it is codified in our nation’s Contract with its (male) People. We don’t begrudge our fine boys and men, just want to be named in that contract too alongside the vote as they are mentioned 39 times in that contract…as you know , without a contract, you Have no rights therein. THAT’S why we get thrown under the bus so much!

Anyway, after all this time and work for women and girls, to be so dissed was disastrous. I am planning to quit work for ERA.

I don’t know why we are so rude to each other. Why are we so competetive, like crabs in a bucket — when one starts to climb out, others pull her down!

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