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will folks just stop feeding rubio’s exaggerated ego by mentioning him! rubio has the same mantra as his buddy, Trump — -> Any publicity is gooood.

there IS nothing good about rubio, who believes:

  1. he can get away with going to the scene of a crime against a whole segment of American population, then preaching Against Them!
  2. the world is flat,..or rather, the world is only 6000 years old!
  3. there IS no such thing as climate change
  4. he can get a prime seat back in Congress, AND NEVER HAVE TO SHOW UP!
  5. he can slaughter American democratic values over and over, and still get re-elected to Slaughter American Democratic values
  6. that 94% of Americans who just voted for women and girls to gain entry to the US Constitution, the nation’s Contract with its People, male only, are Wrong wrong wrong, that Men-Only should run USA.
  7. using his senatorial influence-peddling for a criminal bro-in-law is quite ok.

rubio is nothing but a two-bit opportunist Taking You For a Ride. Got it?


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