A blog girls can never miss!

Here is my story about how I get obsessed with this makeup blog. The moment I clicked through the website, I was allured by the freshness and clean home page. Without any excessive design or graphs, the home page is pretty simple and easy for people to browse over.

The categories are clearly broken down into several parts, I can easily find the part I am interested in. On the tab, it also provides the video link to click over and it directs you to the blog’s youtube channel. The channel also keeps the same clean and clear style. There is one article-FIVE HIGHLIGHTERS YOU NEED TO TRY THIS MONTH I found particularly useful and informative, especially when girls are looking for a latest highlighter.

The pictures are taken aesthetically, which makes people can’t stop strolling down for more pictures and expecting more.

Great pictures come with great content. The content provides every detail I’d want to know before getting a highlighter. For example, the brand name, where to get ( The link), formulas and the pictures of wearing them. I feel like the trying on pictures is the most important part of the makeup article, which gives readers a sense of how it will look like on me.

The comparison picture of two products is also helpful to tell the subtle difference in the look.

Still wondering which highlighter works best for you? Definitely visit this blog. You will get everything you need.