Social Channel Chaos — A Real Problem (And Two Really Promising Solutions)

We are all witnessing a new and possible dangerous trend of “always available” type of communication, constant distractions and war on one’s attention. I have to admit, that although I’ve used to monitor & maintain multiple channels, especially due to working with agile and fast-paced startup companies, the amount of communication channels is really hard to keep up. I’ve witnessed a troubling trend lately, that many professionals too are talking about, and many are actually unaware that the problem is real:

We are in the middle of a “communication war”, where the winner gets the most sought after trophy there is: our attention.

A couple of weeks ago I was occupied in an intensive whole day event. After the event I checked my phone, and it was literally exploded with all kinds of notifications from different channels. I seriously had to shake my head and laugh, since it looked so unreal. Just out of curiosity I actually calculated the number of different channels people tried to reach out and communicate. Guess what was the number? 16. Sixteen different channels. That is just insane. At that moment I thought it was funny, but I do think that this is a real problem that is going to be a serious issue in the near future.

Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, Flowdock, Slack, Asana, Trello, SoundCloud, BeBee, HubSpot, Google + and Hangouts all screaming with different sounds to get the most sought after currency in the modern world: Attention.

Sixteen different channels screaming simultaneously: 
I want your attention, and I want it now!

Some of you might even notice, that naturally those are just some of the tools, many professionals use, and notice these are all used in a work context. Think about if one would mix all the other channels too, to mix it up even more. As we know, what ever you want to do in a digital & social environment, there is an App for that. Here’s in my opinion the best summary, The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis & JESS3 , which showcases the different tools people use for social communication in the web.

Couple of possible cures for this modern communicational disorder.

Luckily there has now been a couple of really nice technological solutions to help out in this communication channel chaos, which I’m exited about. These will become vital.

Ironically, both of these solutions are apps too. 
More apps to solve the problem of having too many apps. I know.

In a modern world, we really cannot fight against the digital current, but what we can do, is to build a boat and steer it in the right direction instead of drifting & drowning in the current. So without further a doe, let’s look for the solutions available out there:

Franz — messaging app that combines chat services into one application.

The first one is Franz. I’ve used Franz for a couple of months now, and have to say that it was about time, there was a platform that will collect most used applications, messengers and communication tools under one roof. So now you do not have to check all the channels separately, but you can simply open Frank to maintain most channels.

Unfortunately, Franz works only on Desktop, so looking forward on a mobile version. In any case it works really smoothly, so you should definitely go to:

The second really cool one, which I’m currently hyped about, is a brilliant new pay-per-message messenger called Supercan. What the folks behind the app are doing is something really unique and fresh, and what could also be distruptive in a big way.

It took me 30 seconds to understand why on earth would someone pay to send a message to someone, when there are dozens of free channels available?

And the question is actually the root to the whole problem. The ability to reach via free channels with no barriers is really killing the communication. When everything is free, how does one know which messages are the real important ones to answer asap? How does one determine when a message is really important? When a person is willing to pay to get an answer. And that is where the Supercan comes in. Brilliant. Simple & Brilliant.

Firstly, the idea of this solutions is not to monetise your friendships. As we all know there are many cases where one would really need help, assistance or advice as soon as possible around professional matters, but how to get the message trough? That is one of the challenges Supercan is here to solve. So for an example, if you would really urgently need an advice to your up and running social media campaign, you could just send me a text or video message via Supercan and get an answer right away.

So Supercan is giving users a direct priority messenger 
and a new way to reach out.

But how does one know, if they can get a reply from a busy business person? Because the influencers in the platform will get compensated from every answer. It means that you have to pay to get a reply. This is brilliant for three reasons:

  1. Both the sender and the recipient know now that the question is important.
  2. Since there is a small fee, the priority & guarantee of attention is kind of built in.
  3. This is not replacing any channels, but giving a new more direct way to approach, since open channels are really making it hard for a person to react & reply to all.

I have to say that talents like Mikko, are able to describe the benefits & features more fluently, so check out this video for more in depth description of Supercan:

I’ve now used the service for two weeks, and have to say I’m really excited. For me the social channel overload has been a real problem lately, and I’m happy that I’m able to serve those who need assistance ASAP and get those folks a “priority social channel”.

Since I’m just starting with the service, and do not want to overcharge people for my reply’s. Therefore I’m starting with a very small fee of only 2 € / answered message.

So from this day onwards, you have a personal sales trainer in your pocket.

I’m happy to be a personal sales & marketing coach for you and answer to your messages & about sales, social selling, digital marketing, social media & VR.

You can find me on Supercan here using this link:

P.S. If you are an influencer, feel free to contact me for more information, on how to get you also up and running with Supercan, so you can serve your audience better!

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