How to Use Instagram to Build Your Network

Tip 1: Offer value to people before asking for something in return

“You always have to be a person of value. Adding value to someone who already has a following (on social media) can be as easy as reaching out to someone and saying, ‘Hey, can I help you share your story? Can I help you create content for free?’” said Mclelland.

He described a few value-adds that can be offered, such as providing videography or photography services and/or writing articles and blog posts for free. After all, time is money, and if you can help someone save time, they’ll be more likely to help you in return.

Tip 2: Always show respect for someone’s time

When Mclelland got started on Instagram, he reached out to Michael from @24hoursuccess to be his mentor. “I told him I respected his time, and I’d be happy to pay him for a few hours of mentorship. He’s got around 600,000 followers now, and he’s really big in the (Instagram) space. I told him I needed someone to help plug me in, and so he did that. He showed me how he created all of his content, he put me into his network…so I was a small page with accounts with 200,000–300,000 followers like and comment on all my posts. I was getting this super targeted, high engagement on my posts, which led me to get exponential growth, and helped me to grow 1,000s of followers per day.”

Why is this significant? “Because successful people value their time and do anything to avoid those who leech and drain their time. So it’s very important to start the relationship by letting them know right off the bat that you value their time. If you do this, you increase your chance of building a relationship exponentially,” said Mclelland.

Tip 3: Focus on building friendships instead of just business contacts

“It’s extremely important to build friendships instead of just business contacts, because friends will go above and beyond for you,” said Mclelland. “Building deep relationships and friendships are the most powerful thing you can do. When it comes time to ask a favor from a friend, they are more likely to do everything they can to help you succeed without asking anything in return.”

“The issue is that it can sometimes be difficult to hit it off with somebody and have that type of a relationship. I suggest seeking out people that have a common interest so that there is always something to talk about and bond over.”

Collin Mclelland lives and abides by these principles, and his Instagram accounts are a testimony of his networking skills. To connect with him, please visit his page.

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