It’s just how it is…

Life I mean.. Life,things,emotions,facts everything basically it’s just how it is. we always know the truth, we know what is best for us but we always try to fight it just because it’s difficult. We try to avoid stuff because it might hurt us but guess what it’ll will keep hurting you till the time you actually accept it. We try to hide from the truth which is certainly very hard and very painful. We are the smart “high-tech” generation we know how to convience yourself about something the way we want it, we know the tricks to play to just make us feel relieved for the time being.Did something just pop up in your head about your life that you are fighting, that makes you feel uneasy, that disturbs you suddenly when you are actually having a perfect day? that my friend is the thing you need to accept and know that it is how it is.

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