Food for Thought Friday 1

I just closed my Facebook tab after reading something quite interesting. A friend of mine at a college in northern Missouri is trying to raise funds to buy tampons and other feminine hygiene products to be donated to shelters for women and possibly at the campus health center. His opening statement highlighted the fact that campus health centers will throw out condoms out willy nilly but do not carry the standard feminine care products. I understand that I’m generalizing community health centers but that certainly does not mean that giving out feminine care products is normalized. We are far from it. And that’s interesting to me because it sort of highlights where we as society value things.

We make sure we spend enough on condoms so people with dicks (the majority being men) can do their thing without leaving behind long-term evidence of their presence, but we can’t put money towards making sure that people who need feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads can get them easily, or cheaply for that matter. Hell, we put a luxury tax on tampons and pads! By nature, it is more expensive to be a person with a vagina than it is to be a person with a penis and that’s just from a tax perspective! People with vaginas need these items to live a healthy life and they have to pay premiums that go well beyond the fiscal realm to do so. Once again, we don’t even have equality in the eyes of the law.

We as a society need to get our shit together and start making sure we are taking care people with vaginas just as much as we take care of people with penises. It’s 2016, and it’s upsetting that we haven’t figured it out yet.

Food for thought.