My view on Digital Marketing Agencies ( Frustration & Fraud )

Sanju Joseph
Dec 8, 2017 · 6 min read
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Today, I will share with you guys my view on Digital Marketing Agencies. I will be unleashing my frustration. So, if you are looking for a happy and fun read then, You shall not pass!

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Let me introduce “myself”

I’m a fresher working at a startup as a Consultant for Digital Marketing, WordPress Development and Graphic designing. I handle the complete stuff so I do get pretty good experience from what I do, but as soon as you get into this niche or field you realise that it’s a place filled with incapable people who are desperate to make more money with little to offer.

I’m someone who believes in
“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get.”

So, people like me find it hard to work in such an environment. The place where I work is fine because I handle literally everything but there are many companies out there that are making money with little to no service to offer. So, I will share with you guys my view on them and what I have learnt about them.

Firstly, accept it or not, most companies ( nearly 40% ) offering Digital Marketing or SEO services are a bunch of fraudsters who are looking for a quick way to make a buck and don’t realise the true potential of the field. So, Beware!

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It won’t work for everyone! You need to learn before you teach, preach or showoff.

Here’s my view

  • It’s very easy to start a Company ( Doomsday is Near )
    The main problem with the Digital Marketing field is the fact that it’s very easy to get into without knowing much or having in-depth knowledge. So, literally everyone is starting a company or carrying out freelance work with little to no experience. This actually destroys reputation of the whole niche and customers end-up unhappy and disappointed with Digital Marketing services.
    Caution : When you go out looking for such a service you will often come across someone who will offer it to you at a very low price. Trust me, you will get nothing in return. They are frauds!
    Always ask the agency to give you a monthly plan consisting of at-least 2 Content, 1 Infographic, Weekly social media content curation & Weekly email marketing.

Finally, I have all my frustration out. Many from this field will be able to relate to me on every point I made. There are many more things to talk but for now this is enough. If you would like to talk to me for any reason, you can find me here Digital Marketing Blog.

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