My view on Digital Marketing Agencies ( Frustration & Fraud )

Today, I will share with you guys my view on Digital Marketing Agencies. I will be unleashing my frustration. So, if you are looking for a happy and fun read then, You shall not pass!

Let me introduce “myself”

I’m a fresher working at a startup as a Consultant for Digital Marketing, WordPress Development and Graphic designing. I handle the complete stuff so I do get pretty good experience from what I do, but as soon as you get into this niche or field you realise that it’s a place filled with incapable people who are desperate to make more money with little to offer.

I’m someone who believes in 
“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get.”

So, people like me find it hard to work in such an environment. The place where I work is fine because I handle literally everything but there are many companies out there that are making money with little to no service to offer. So, I will share with you guys my view on them and what I have learnt about them.

Firstly, accept it or not, most companies ( nearly 40% ) offering Digital Marketing or SEO services are a bunch of fraudsters who are looking for a quick way to make a buck and don’t realise the true potential of the field. So, Beware!

It won’t work for everyone! You need to learn before you teach, preach or showoff.

Here’s my view

  • It’s very easy to start a Company ( Doomsday is Near )
    The main problem with the Digital Marketing field is the fact that it’s very easy to get into without knowing much or having in-depth knowledge. So, literally everyone is starting a company or carrying out freelance work with little to no experience. This actually destroys reputation of the whole niche and customers end-up unhappy and disappointed with Digital Marketing services.
    Caution : When you go out looking for such a service you will often come across someone who will offer it to you at a very low price. Trust me, you will get nothing in return. They are frauds!
    Always ask the agency to give you a monthly plan consisting of at-least 2 Content, 1 Infographic, Weekly social media content curation & Weekly email marketing.
  • Lack of knowledge ( They all are Guru’s )
    It’s been a year, I have been working in this field & I have come across many Digital Marketing guru’s & specialists and it’s like every other person is a DM Guru! Lol
    Literally, every single one of them have only limited knowledge on what they do, yet they tend to call themselves Guru.
    One must understand that Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is a dynamic field and it keeps changing everyday. Google sends out 2 to 5 updates everyday and the customer trends keep changing everyday. Strategy that might work today will not work tomorrow. So, how can someone proclaim oneself to be Guru of such a field.
  • Greedy and Desperate
    There are 3 kinds of People in the corporate world : the Greedy, the Dedicated, the Neutral. The greedy is the worst of em all. Digital Marketing field is filled with greedy and desperate people who know to talk. They will impress the client through their talk and grab the deal. Once they have the deal they will go in search for another prey. 
    Caution : Pay only as per industry standards. They are enticing but once you fall prey, you will lose & regret.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Once they have the deal, they forget all the sweet talks and promises they made. Some get desperate for quick results that they end up making use of unethical techniques for quicker results. Especially, when the deal is about to be ended or when the customer is unsatisfied with the results.
    Caution : Don’t pressure the agency for quick results. They will end up using unethical techniques for quick results but later it is you who’s gonna suffer. Always end the deal if you feel the agency is not getting you the results they had initially promised. Always have your eyes on your backlinks and if there’s any sudden jump in the ranks then be doubtful and check the source.
  • Reputation damaged by Stupid Guru’s & Specialists
    Most of the self proclaimed Guru’s & specialists start their own channels for teaching DM to others. If you have been part of such a channel then you would have noticed them conveying the same stuff ( On-page & Off-page )in different ways. They also talk about most of the outdated ways to build backlinks which Google themselves have claimed be not taken into consideration. They tend to not keep themselves updated with the changing trends. But, the main benefit they have is their ability to talk and impress people. This enables them to easily grab deal but when it comes to work, they fail to deliver results. 
    This actually destroys the reputation of the whole industry. As the self proclaimed Guru’s & specialists themselves wont be able to deliver the results; How can clients expect others to!
  • Unrealistic Goals
    The problem with many Digital Marketers is that they set unrealistic goals as soon as they get hands on a project. They do this to please their clients initially but soon they get wrapped in their own promises. 
    Caution : Don’t trust someone who sets unrealistic goals or promises results within 3 months. It takes nearly 5 months for DM campaigns to show good results if performed right.
  • High cost for little value
    I have come across fools charging $$$ for a small session on DM covering basic stuffs that you can easily find on the internet. The reason why people fall prey to such frauds is because of their ability to impress people with their talk. Know the industry standards and avoid paying above it.
    Caution : Don’t fall for sweet talks. Always keep track on their(agency) work & review their work every week.
  • Employee disappointed
    Employees are the biggest assets of a company and keeping them happy is one of the main goals of many MNC’s. A company can only be successful if it’s employees are happy with what the company is offering. If an employee is put into an environment with no creativity and no development then it will affect the results. 
    Digital marketing is a very creative field that has to be constantly researched and new strategies need to be formed every day to make things work. This increases the potential of the employees and gets better results to the clients. but, many Digital marketing firms still follow the old outdated methods and have no scope for creativity & development. This demotivates the employee and affects their work, which affects the overall results achievable for the clients.

Finally, I have all my frustration out. Many from this field will be able to relate to me on every point I made. There are many more things to talk but for now this is enough. If you would like to talk to me for any reason, you can find me here Digital Marketing Blog.