Debate #2 Recap: America’s Political Super Toilet Bowl
Reed Galen

“But President Trump wouldn’t stop with Hillary Clinton. With an army of federal prosecutors suddenly at his disposal, it is easy to see how he would use them to his personal and political advantage.”

How do you know this? A crystal ball perhaps? And BTW, is that not exactly what the D’s have done, use the Federal Government to their personal and political advantage, i.e., the FBI investigation of Hillary as well as the IRS debacle? Not to mention the Clinton Foundation erstwhile dealings of pay to play.

Are you really a Republican, Reed? There is a bigger picture than just the sordid personalities of both candidates. I hate Trump’s style as much as you, but this election is a clash of political culture about far more than the personalities. What he says about policy is far more coherent than anything Hillary says (besides, I can’t trust a THING out of her mouth regardless, how can you?).

Lower taxes, stronger military, secure border, stop runaway immigration, better trade deals, replace Obamacare, reduce regulation, destroy ISIS, appoint more conservative judges.

That is the diretion to take the country, the personality crap is noise.

One other thing, a Trump win would allow the GOP congress to pass legislation that would be signed by a GOP president Trump thus turning around the progressive policies that are destroying our Republic. Ever thought of that?

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