(Peaceful?) Transitions of Power
Reed Galen

I agree that our constitutionally mandated peaceful transfer of power to the executive is one of the most important provisions of the constitution and the hallmark of our democracy.

That mentioned, our political history is crowded with instances of outgoing administrations making a mess of things for the incoming administration of the other party.

If Trump is elected I don’t think it matters what Obama or the media does to try to delegitimize his ability to govern. All Trump needs to do is make some far reaching decision like Reagan did with PATCO and the world will stand up and notice. Trump will build his own legitimization since it is the office that has the power, the man just wields it.

My spidey sense is that Hillary Clinton is the real danger to our sovereignty, our economic security and our defense capabilities and that Trump will turn out to be a far better president that any of us, including me, currently believes.

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