10 SEO hacks for hospitals

Almost a year back during a digital marketing conclave in Hyderabad, I asked my doctor-turned-digital marketer…”Does hospitals really need SEO especially in India where demand is in multiples of supply?.

He looked at me rather eerily (almost judging me on my inanity) and said, “Well, it is no more a question whether hospitals need SEO or not because it has long been answered with a resounding YES years ago. Today’s healthcare marketers should ask… Do hospitals use SEO as effectively as their insurance, retail and travel counterparts? Surely not yet.”

That cleared the air for me. It is indeed a moot point to discuss role of SEO in hospitals. The discussion should be what marketers should do to be present ahead of curve in catching patient’s and their kin’s attention at times of medical need. The eBook below encapsulates 10 easily actionable SEO hacks for a marketer to rank up on Google searches.

This eBook includes…

  • Graphic illustrations on how to apply SEO tactics in hospitals
  • Insights on SEO best practices
  • Sneak peak in backend of my website
  • Industry references to SEO learning guides

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