Be Original and hire the Original

Having had the opportunity to hire, develop and mentor many people over the past 10 years, I’ve learned (the hard way) that experience is really just not that important. That people tend to hold on to it as THE main asset to be hired or to hire. Well it’s not, it’s short sighted. The best people had the least experience or the worst C.V’s or none…

Now that I’ve {unfortunately!} been made redundant and that I’m back on the market, I experience so many tenenkrommend work. HR, Talent Acquisition, Headhunters a.k.a people reaching out to me to “talk business” and “see if we’re a match” People with lots of experience in their field but missing the “soul” of their work and even worse, that of the businesses they are hiring (me) for. Luckily I’ve also met very inspiring people too, the ones who are genuinely interested in the mistakes I’ve made, the person behind the C.V., giving advice because they care and simply fun people to chat with.

Thank you!(Edith, Karen, Jeff, Marten, Justin, Laura ed.15 dec’16)

So here are just a few tips to find the person who will make a change for your company, some ideas on how to get to the core of a person’s mindset, or simply a help for your application process

*(dare) Be Original — if you do not bend yourself to the job (or the question) but if you say what you think without being critical or judgemental, you will get what you’re looking for… in the long run

*Know your mentors — ask for their mentors. Who shaped you? Why?

*Ask what went wrong during their careers, know what went wrong and how you handled that situation. What did you learn, how did it make you feel? The biggest geniuses made mistakes before they became a genius ;)

*Ask “ why shouldn’t I hire you?” instead of the most killing (and best practiced) question: “Tell me your the strengths and weaknesses”BOOOOO!

*People will judge your C.V. within 6 seconds. Easy to leave the following out:

  • Objectives: No shit, of course you want to job!
  • “I”, “Me” it’s YOUR C.V. of course you did it
  • Unnecessary words or obvious words like address:, website:, Tel.:
  • Always use the past tense unless you’re still working in that specific job
  • UGH BOO YIKES do not use words like Guru, Ninja unless you are qualified and have the belt. It’s very funny with your actual pals but not so much outside of the building.
  • Spend A LOT of time writing about your interests. Originals have diverse interests, passionate people are surrounded with interests, have intercultural interests and have a broad interest. Have side jobs and are broadly engaged. This is what shapes you as an original.

*Know how your first month will look (visualize it!) , what questions will you ask, who would you drink a coffee with to “get” the business. Who will be your gate to the information you need to be successful at your job? If you hire someone, ask the applicant to share this with you. It will reveal how much he/she is involved and wants to be part of that company.

*Ask “ What did your last week look like?” Much much can be revealed from the enthusiasm, creativity, commitment, interests, personality…

*Know your inspirations: books, blogs, websites, people…. Be Original!

*Curiosity is one of the main qualities for an Original. Are you curious? If so how does that show?

People who can lead you through the above (or if you have the information about yourself on the above) will hire GREAT ambassadors if it matches the companies “soul” no matter at which level. I mean who doesn’t want to be surrounded with passionate, original, curious people who know themselves very well and seek to develop?

As always, love to hear your feedback but show compassion ❤