You know what makes me sad?

Animal cruelty.

Or, the way we have taken over their land… and act as if it is ours.


Because we think we are more important than them.

But, you know what shocked me?

When I was in India, I went to a national park and I asked how many wild animals there were… such as tigers.

Their answer: “A lot of them have become extinct and there are barely any in this park”.

My heart dropped. Such beautiful, wild and stunning animals, all becoming extinct.

Why? Because of us humans… lets face it.

Over 90% of tigers have been lost over the last century.

Their habitat has been ruined. We have stampeded on it — we have invaded.

We have ruined their homes! We have been selfish.

You know how it makes me feel?

It makes me feel sad. It makes me feel empty. It makes me feel realise that there is a need for change.

What’s wrong with our world? Really?

All we do is try to change and interfere with everything.

We become so brainwashed by all the apparent current needs by society, that we begin to think its right.

We are easily said a brainwashed world.

Can we change, before it is too late?

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