Introducing Sansbank, Inc.

Democratizing investing through blockchain-based alternative lending

Sansbank was founded to democratize finance for everyone — Both for everyday investors and individual business owners. The company’s blockchain-based marketplace allows individual investors to participate in profitable assets through a $100 digital token. These tokens make up the source of capital that help Sansbank fund time-limited cash advances to asset holders. Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Lyon Kassab recently described Sansbank’s offering through a lens of innovation: “Advances in blockchain technology have allowed us to reimagine centuries-old processes into innovative product offerings. These advances empower individuals to easily participate in wealth creation to improve their lives.” He went on to explain how Sansbank is revolutionizing investment through an innovative alternative lending solution.

“Access to a strong financial future should not be tethered to income, education or any other factor but rather something that is open to everyone. With Sansbank, I saw a chance to improve the prevailing wealth creation opportunities and specifically, to develop a system that works for me, my children, and my neighbors. Sansbank invites anyone to claim a seat at the table, to voice their opinion, and to directly influence their financial future. We are on a mission to democratize wealth creation” — Lyon Kassab

For many individuals around the world, the dream of owning or investing in real estate is merely that — a dream. Sansbank’s alternative lending model makes that dream a reality by digitizing, tokenizing and collateralizing profitable assets into $100 investable tokens. The low minimum entry price, as well as the simplicity and transparency of a digital ecosystem, makes wealth creation accessible for everyday people. Sansbank has chosen real estate as the first focus area due to its universal appeal as a wealth building tool. As investors embrace the Sansbank model, the company will add additional tokenized asset classes to diversify available investment options.

Sansbank is building alternative lending and investment products for everyone. The company’s goal is to create the next generation of smart investors, empowered self-lenders, and a critical opportunity for generational wealth. The time for financial freedom and independence is upon us and we’re excited to lead the way.

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Sansbank, Inc. is a registered investment portal and Reg A+ platform. We partner with registered broker-dealers and blockchain-based transfer agents. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

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Fractionalized assets for every day owners and investors.

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Fractionalized assets for every day owners and investors.

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