The Great Deconstruction

Social constructs, artificial though they may be, are part of the furniture of the Universe

Roughly speaking emergence breaks into two sub-views, epistemological and ontological emergence. The former says that complex systems are too complex to be explained by reductionistic practices, but that ontologically, reductionism holds. The ontological view is that new entities with their own properties and causal powers arise and are part of the furniture of the universe. — Stuart J. Kauffman

The purpose of identifying a social construct is typically and often incorrectly the creation of a rhetorical mechanism to simply deconstruct that thing, to gain the upper hand in an argument. But a construct is not always deconstructable. Social structures are real phenomena, real things that exist in the Universe for some reason or another, for perhaps structural, functional or otherwise game theoretic reasons. So, given that gender, race, religion, and creed are social constructs does not mean that their presence in the minds of those of us who occupy this Universe may simply evaporate because somebody wills that it do so.

The end result of the deconstruction of all social constructs is the release of a large amount of energy, in just the same way that nuclear fission leads to the explosion of an atomic bomb. If truly we endeavor to deconstruct society with no contingency for the alternative social constructions that will invariably rise in its place, we must be prepared to deal with the potentially destructive consequences.