Gone Climbing… (OK… soon to go climbing)

Starting in May, I’ll head out on sabbatical to pursue climbing and mountaineering full-time until January. On the agenda: the Rockies, the Bugaboos, Cascades, Andes, Alps, and the Himalaya. If all goes well, I’ll end up in New Zealand in December, where it all started late last year. (detailed itinerary below).

As I told one of my mentors, it’s never a good time to take a break. Assuming you perform well at your job and your company is doing OK, you will always have a big objective in front of you, people that count on you to do their jobs, and the ever-present promise of larger rewards if you stay on just a bit longer. Never a good time may as well mean anytime will do. I’ve been lucky enough to have achieved a couple of things along the way professionally so far, so I think (hope!) that this is not a bad decision in the long-run.

That said, I did not go about this lightly. I’ve thought about it for a while, and have received advice from friends, mentors, and some new and super kind peeps who made similar decisions in the past (looking at you Kathy!). I finally made up my mind after spending 3.5 weeks in New Zealand climbing and getting schooled in the Remarkables and Mt. Cook Park. I absolutely loved it and came back from that trip pretty much ready to go.

Over the course of the coming months, I hope to use this page to share some of my thoughts on climbing, update on progress, pictures, and, if time permits, some thoughts on my other interests — Entrepreneurship, Colombia, Finch, and building things.

Pretty stoked.

PS: The detailed itinerary (let me know if you’ll be around any of these places):

  • May: Cascades.
  • June: Colorado (Basically, home base while in states).
  • July: Peru — Cordillera Blanca.
  • August: Alps and Dolomites.
  • September-October: Colorado, Bugaboos, high Sierras.
  • October-November: Nepal.
  • December: New Zealand.
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