Stripping back to our core focus.

Andthen was started back in 2016 with the vision of building an innovation consultancy offering that blended the complementary aspects of design and futures. While futures has always been great at helping people think big picture and expand their thinking, it’s traditionally been hard…

Using our futures tool, Unintended Consequences, to demonstrate how policy-making can bust the myth that it must always play catch-up to private sector innovation.

Written by Santini Basra and Will Brown

Someone told us that policy can only ever react to change. We didn’t agree, and so we designed a tool called
Unintended Consequences, which helps you anticipate change, to prove a point. …

Reflecting on ‘workshop life’

In my job (particularly in the first couple of years of Andthen) I seem to facilitate a lot of workshops. I struggle to count them, but I think I’ve facilitated or co-facilitated around 100 workshops, from small 4 person client workshops to large scale 50+ person stakeholder engagement workshops. …

My internal struggle with all that is ‘trendy.’

The Pre-Introduction

In my line of work, I seem to come across the term ‘trend’ on almost a daily basis; I read my fair share of ‘trend reports’, often find myself in ‘trend briefings’, and find several news items coming my way discussing the next big trend in any given field, covering…

We’re excited to announce that we will be starting a pro bono service, available exclusively to not-for-profit organisations.

Every six months we will take a fixed percentage of our revenue, and offer the equivalent worth of services on a pro bono basis — this might translate into discounted, or completely free services for not-for-profit organisations, depending on the scale of the project or engagement.

To kick off this…

Santini Basra

Futures dork, who runs a team of designers that are researching the future at Andthen. Gets excited about inclusive visioning, and applied futures thinking.

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