Absolute Happiness — Where we search for it?where it is? by Maharshi Santsevi Paramhansaji Maharaj

Sant Sadguru Maharshi Santsevi Paramhansaji Maharaj

Among all the living beings in the world,human is the best.All living beings want happiness.Human beings also want happiness and toils to achieve it.As he grows from a new-born baby to a fully grown human and further,the place where he finds happiness keeps shifting.

When a child is born,his happiness is in the laps of his mother.He experiences happiness only in the laps of his mother.He drinks his mother’s milk,and remain happy in her laps.As soon as he is separated from his mother’s lap,he starts crying.It means that the baby sees happiness in the laps of his mother and no where else.The same child when grows a little,what does mother do?She puts toys before him and goes to work.Now the child,playing with the toys,remains happy for sometime without seeing his mother.His happiness that lied solely in his mother’s lap has shifter to the toys for sometime. Now he sees happiness in toys.Whenever he sees toys,he becomes happy and starts playing with them joyfully.The same child grows a little more,starts going to school with other friends of the same age.When he starts studying,then he sees happiness in gaining knowledge.He thinks — As I gain knowledge,happiness will follow.Now his happiness shifts there.He keeps studying in schools and colleges and a time comes when he completes his formal education.After that he turns to earning money,maybe by farming or doing business or by getting a job.Whatsoever means he choose,he sees happiness in earning money.He thinks that without money there will be no happiness.His happiness shifts from getting good education to earning money.If he starts earning well,he starts believing that happiness is in earning money.For sometime he thinks that happiness is there,but his happiness doesn’t remain steady even there.From there his happiness shifts a little more.Now he doesn’t like a single life.His mind starts saying- ‘No life without wife’ and he gets married.Now he sees happiness in his married life for some days,but after that his happiness shifts even from there.He says,so many days have past,I should have a child.If I had a child I would be happy.Now his happiness shifts to having a child.When he gets a child,he thinks,if my child gets good education and stands on his feet,there will be happiness.But even after getting education if the child doesn’t start earning,then be his mother or his father,both remain sad.His happiness doesn’t even remain there,it shifts further.This way a man ends his life searching for happiness.No matter however high position he gets in his life,he doesn’t get happiness.No matter how much money he earns and saves,he doesn’t get happiness,he doesn’t get peace.His thirst doesn’t get quenched.Then he starts thinking- Where is happiness?Searching for peace and happiness he goes to Saints and Sages.Saints and sages tell him — “Brother happiness is not to be found outside or in the things outside.So if you truly want happiness,then turn outwards to inwards(stop searching happiness outside and search it within yourself),i.e,do the ‘bhakti’ of the Almighty;try to find him within.Real happiness lies in knowing thyself. Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj says-

Goswami Tulsidasji Maharaj

“Jimi thal binu jal rahi na sakai| Koti bhanti keu karai uupai||

Tatha Moksha sukh sunu khagrai| Rahi n sakai Hari bhagati bihai||”

As water can’t be without land,similarly Mukti or Moksha can’t be without the bhakti of God.

We must steadfastly hold this in our minds that the Param Prabhu Param-at ma (Almighty) is pure bliss . Knowing him will bring true happiness,and nothing else can.In addition to that we must know that the Almighty can only be known through his bhakti.

— Maharshi Santsevi Paramhansaji Maharaj ( Quoted from his book “ Satya-Kya?”-What is Truth? written originally in Hindi )

Sant Sadguru Maharshi Santsevi Paramhansaji Maharaj
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