Who can see the infinitesimal material of the Supreme Being “God ”? by Maharshi Mehi Paramhansaji Maharaj

Sadguru Maharshi Mehi Paramhansaji Maharaj

The intellect accepts the existence of an Infinite,all pervading Supreme Being,but it can’t perceive the infinitesimal material of the Supreme Being (Ishwar-Tatwa, Rama Rasayan). How do we know the materials in this world? What is being spoken and heard is sound. The answer to the question — ‘What is Sound?’ is ‘that which can be heard through ears is sound’.One who is deaf by birth can see through his eyes,but can’t hear anything on account of being deaf.If he is some how trained to read and write and a written note containing — ‘What is being heard through ears is sound’ is given to him then he will understand that whatever is being heard through ears is Sound but since I am deaf I can’t hear.He will understand that whatever is being caught by the listening ability is Sound.Whatever is being seen though eyes is form.This is a way to know materials in this world.If a blind is made to understand that you can’t see but I can.Whatever is being caught by sight is form.In the same way what is the Supreme Being,the Almighty,Rama in material form? Many spaces are dissolved in him,if we say he is space even then it does not become clear. First you should know who you are. Every sense organ does its work. Eyes catch form,ears catch sound etc. So form is the subject of eye and sound is the subject of ear.You live in this body, what is your work? Now you live in the senses( sense organs ). What is your work devoid of senses? You can’t know yourself through sense. You can know yourself when you detach yourself from senses(i.e Atman in its pure form) and then you can know the Supreme Being. Your own subject is the Supreme Being. Like Form,the subject of eye can’t be caught through ears,it can only be seen through eyes,in the same way the Supreme being can only be caught(known), through the pure Soul (Atman). — Maharshi Mehi Paramhansaji Maharaj

SantMat Santmat Satsang Ashram Swami Swarupanand Baba