How we got 100.000 pageviews in 4 months with no $$ (From Uruguay)

Hi! We are a team of uruguayan students and we have built an online platform like Foursquare, but for our country and with some improvements.

I want to tell you a little story about how our project has been growing, and several hints and tricks of what we have learned!

Before we begin, a few numbers: Visited from August 1st to November 30th, 2015 Pages: 91.169 Bounce rate of the last 10 days: 16% Average session duration: 1:58 is a platform to find businesses in Uruguay. We are supported by ANII and Sinergia Cowork. We have over 8,000 registered businesses in our platform, and within a couple of weeks we will be getting our app.

We had our .com domain of PA 23 and DA 13 (Page Authority and Domain Authority), which generated an interesting organic traffic, but now we moved to .uy, and so we have to fight it back (although we redirect 301).

What im going to talk is about a couple of experiences that I gained over time, they are personal, therefore they doesn’t mean that they are 100% right. First of all in Facebook we spent about u$s150 per month, and in Google about U$50. Practically nothing.

First of all, the basic and fundamental, is the real utility that generates your site / app or whatever. If we don’t start here, it’s going to be complicated. What you do has to be useful to your customers or users, for the short and long term. The second core is how you transmit that idea. If you cant tell what you do in less than 140 characters, then you dont know what you’re doing.

To do something, you do not need money. To start you do not need money; you only need to invest to grow. If you want to build your own company, your own project or whatever, you can manage how to do it.

You already have your enterprise? Brilliant! How many returning users do you have? Online + offline. Internet is not everything, and especially in Uruguay. People believe you more if they see you on the street, so I went out get my hands dirty and do things outside. You need to do “guerrilla marketing”, a cheap but yet effective way to grow. Another time I’ll tell you some of the things we did.

On Facebook, there are several things fairly simple to follow: Not always talk about yourself: “Oh, look how big my dic* is” Your fans are not interested in that. You have to talk about things people are interested in. Create interesting articles, publish things about you but not from you, etc. Eg: We invested $ 20 in our video presentation, how it went? Awfull But when we invest five dollars in a blog article we did, like “Meet the 7 benefits from e-books and traditional” people re point topped! And we had much more impact.

When you have these items, names can not be “Tips for caring for your skin,” need to have more “marketing”, and if you can, add a number. “7 tips for keeping your skin like new,” “Meet how you can protect your skin in 3 minutes”, etc.

If you want to do drawings or whatever: is spectacular !!!

-Creates Things / interactive images. Example: If you have an optic, put an image with multiple lens options, and ask people what they would choose. It is a stupidity, yes, but it works. generate more impact.

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