Coffee with Mentor

Like everyone I have a mentor. I want 2 persons to be my mentor. 1. Mr. Umar Saeed, main character of coffee with engineer, 2. Mr. Sibtain Ali who is currently working as a production Engineer in UAE.
Last weekend Mr Sibtain was in Pakistan. I requested him through phone call to give me some of his precious time. He blessed and called me for dinner in a restaurant.

There we discussed about the secrets of success in getting job. believe me he told everything that I am learning in Amal Fellowship. He talked about passion, research about company, non-verbal communication, some interview skills, how to tackle the questions and what are the strategies that I should follow to vast my networking.

There were also some of his friends, my seniors, they also shared some experience how they reached to current position. The important thing that they told me was, Try to start your first job in a mediocre company, means not to rush for Multinational Companies or highly reputed companies. The logic he gave that If I joined the mediocre company I will learn a lot of things in that. I will be able to do much work in a given deadline. He told that me and my class fellows started with the salary of average 20 to 25 thousand PKR. Now they are availing a reasonable amount for their effort.

It was really awesome meeting with him and I learned very impressive tools for my future. I wish Mr. Sibtain stay with me in future as well. He is really kind person and having calm and charming personality. May he live long !

About Mr. Umar Saeed, My meeting is book on the Annual Alumni dinner. I am sure he will also give me immense knowledge for my future.