Everyone in his life want to accomplish something. He always try to convert his dream as much as he can into reality. But there is one factor without this no one can achieve his goals or overcome his failure. That factor is “ Mentor”.

Without having a mentor in life anyone can not set a goal. Everyone is inspired by someone i.e. Shahrukh Khan, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Imran Khan, Quaid e Azam, Nelson Mandela etc. So the mentee try to become like his mentor.

Like everyone I had mentor in my life, Teacher. His name is Usman Khan. He is currently president of UMT blood donor society, President of Lahore blood donor society and is a motivational speaker. He is running a foundation for education for poor people, equal rights to women with the name of Mehrun nisa foundation.

He helped me and motivated me when I was facing failure after my Intermediate education that I could not get admission in any university. Then he told me his own story of failure. He told that he didn’t study for 4 years after intermediate because of lack of resources. So he kept on motivating me and believe me I was too much motivated and and got admission in my dream university and dream discipline of mechanical engineering. Now I also give motivational lectures to my students and its really amazing to listen good results from them.

So for me its really important and is a blessing to have a potential mentor. So have mentor and get your dreams.

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