Follow These 5 Tips and Make Money Travel Blogging

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Let’s assume you’re already an established travel blogger with a solid following. You’ve built up your reputation as one of the good ones. And your content is fantastic, and netizens are circulating it among social media platforms.

So, what’s next?

It’s time for the next step: make money travel blogging.

You may have heard about the following money-generating tips from your travel blogger friends, and it’s great because this list will confirm their suggestions. However, if you’re still unsure when it comes to monetizing travel blogs, this list will help you get started. Since some of these involve advertising, you may have to prepare your portfolio along with your viewer and follow metrics when talking to potential marketers and sponsors.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links or affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for you to generate revenue. Marketers will place ad links or banners in your page. They will then give you a percentage with every ad click. The bigger your readership and subscribers, the more advertisers get convinced to place ads in your travel blog.


Sponsorships can be in the form of brand placement or sponsored posts. When you allow advertisers to post articles, images, or videos on your behalf that falls under sponsored posts. A brand placement is when the travel bloggers mention the brand in their posts or simply use the brands in their travel vlogs.

Freelance photography/articles

When you’re good at creating content, you can always make money travel blogging. Given enough traveling experience and tourist stories, you will be able to produce pictures and blogs that marketers, websites, and online magazines will pay money to get.

Webcasts/One-On-One Coaching

You will be able to make money travel blogging using these methods when you’ve achieved the online influencer status. Using your experience and skills, you will be able to conduct paid webcasts and even offer coaching lectures.

Personal Brand Merchandising

Travel bloggers will be able to use this money-making method when they’ve reached the influencer or star blogger status. When netizens can recognize your name and your face and when they share your content everywhere, then you can turn your name into a brand of its own and produce a line of merchandises, including traveling items and e-books.