How to Cope with Various Travel Dilemmas

Travel can be one of life’s most satisfying and rewarding experiences. But along with the excitement also comes various frustrations that can stem out from almost anything — from having less-than-desirable plane seatmates, reckless cab drivers to food poisoning. So how can you keep these travel dilemmas from sucking the fun and life out of your trip? Here are strategic tips you need to brush up with to help you cope with various travel dilemmas.

Hotel Bill Shock

So you’ve finally booked a hotel room after weeks of browsing the internet and online directories. Upon your stay, you felt that everything was perfect. The accommodation was spectacular, the staff helpful and everything felt just like home. The only problem is that upon check-out, you discover that your bill has ballooned beyond control. What do you do?

Experts advise that if you’ve been informed by the hotel of all the fees prior to your booking, then you cannot just walk out and refuse to pay. You have to accept responsibility. However, if some of the charges seem to be buried in fine print, then don’t be afraid to stand your ground. Demand to speak with the general manager or guest services director to settle the matter.

Reckless Cab Drivers

We all have to deal with reckless taxi drivers at some point. If this happens, do pay the fare and record the car number or the driver’s name. These information will be helpful should anything untoward happen and you need to contact the local authorities or file a claim for your travelers insurance. Keep in mind though that you don’t need to suffer throughout the entire ride. If you feel unsafe, ask the driver to pull over and find another cab.

Noisy Hotel Neighbors

Some people travel in the hopes of meeting new, interesting people; others do it to find peace and relaxation. If you identify with the latter, then noisy hotel neighbors might definitely be one of the last things you want to deal with. To settle things, don’t take matters into your hands. Call the manager on duty instead to deal with the matter. You can also request to switch rooms or move to a quieter space.

Annoying, Space-hogging Seatmates

This situation is common when you fly economy. If you happen to be seated next to a space-hogging passenger, assert your territory early on but be careful not to give subtle pushes or dirty looks as they can only escalate the problem. You can also call a flight attendant to ask if you can switch seats.

Food Poisoning

Dining and drinking are inevitable when you travel, and if you’re not very careful, so is food poisoning. If you experience signs of food poisoning, such as dehydration and irregular bowel movements, seek medical attention immediately. If you made sure to buy travel insurance for your trip, you can ask your provider for a list of accredited medical institutions or physicians who can assist you. This doesn’t mean you can kiss your vacation goodbye though. You will eventually feel better within two to four days as long as you’re taking the right medications.

How you react to any of these travel dilemmas can make all the difference, so always keep your cool no matter the situation. You’ll go from an amateur to a sophisticated globetrotter in no time!

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