Is Your Child Traveling Solo? Here are 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

The thought of letting your child or any young adult in your household travel solo can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether they’re visiting relatives or going on a well-earned break after their school exams, it’s a fact that letting minors travel alone can be risky. But you shouldn’t worry too much though. Many of these risks can be overcome by taking a few basic precautions. Here are top tips to help make this experience as safe and as simple as possible for you and your child:

1. Discuss appropriate behavior and safety basics to your child. Prepare your child for the trip by teaching them safety basics and discussing anything you are worried about. For instance, make sure they are aware that it isn’t safe to divulge personal details such as their full name, home address or where they’re going to strangers or other passengers. Also have them store emergency numbers and to carry their mobile phone with them at all times so you can easily get in touch.

2. Request appropriate seating. When booking airline tickets, make sure you reserve a convenient seat for your child. If he or she is traveling with friends or fellow young adults, it would be a good idea if they are seated in the same row.

3. Buy travel insurance. Whether your child is going on a domestic or international travel, getting the appropriate travel insurance is a must. It’s important to choose a policy that provides the right amount of coverage and will include the kind of activities your child will be engaging in. Go for an insurance product that offers compensation for hospital expenses, cancelled or delayed flights, missing luggage and personal effects. You might get attracted by the cheapest travel insurance promotion you come across with, however now isn’t the time to scrimp on cost. Compare various policies first and understand the terms and conditions so you will know what exactly will be covered or not.

4. Help them pack. Teenagers and young adults aren’t always the best packers. Sometimes they tend to bring stuff that will actually be of no use once they reach their destination, or belongings that will make them thief magnets. That’s why it’s vital that you help them pack. Find clothing that is suitable for their destination, whether they’re going somewhere hot and sunny or cold and snowy. If possible, don’t let them bring expensive gadgets if they are not really needed on their trip. Keep things to a minimum and don’t forget to pack the essential travel documents for your child.

5. Coordinate with the people tasked to pick up your child. If you have contacted someone to pick up your child, make sure you provide him or her with the relevant details of your child’s trip. Instruct them to get to the airport early and call you when they arrive.

Letting your child head off alone can be a scary experience for parents. But by being prepared and following these tips, you can help your child have a safe and memorable experience and enjoy the things travel affords them.

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