Are Cloud-Based EHR Systems Safe?


Almost all successful providers are using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) today. Some are using client-server systems and others are choosing Web-based or cloud-based EHR systems. Regardless the advancement in technology, it has been observed that there are clinicians who are skeptical about cloud-based EHRs. Most of such physicians cite security as a primary concern. Now uncertainty is understandable, no doubt, but painting all EHR systems with the same brush is wrong. There are cloud-based EHR systems that actually deliver greater security than client-server systems.

Cloud-based EHR systems have to achieve HIPAA compliance through data centers. This means that they are secured with high-level encryption methods and bank-level security. These security measures also render data unreadable in cases of a security breach. Client-server systems, on the other hand, are often left unencrypted and are only as secure as the room they are kept in.

Since data is backed up in securely in multiple locations, cloud-based data becomes way safer than client-server records in the event of a fire or a similar natural disaster. Now there are backups with client-server systems but they are usually vulnerable to breach in transport to storage facilities.

If you think that it’s the first time sensitive data is being stored in that cloud, you should know that most people are already allowing their sensitive data to be stored in the cloud. Yes, renowned email systems such as Gmail and Yahoo! store data in the cloud. Also online shopping, banking and social media sites such as Facebook where people store a great deal of sensitive data are all cloud-based systems.

Cloud-based EHR systems provide practices of all sizes and healthcare industries with great advantages in data accessibility, security and cost savings. Step into the future by opting a cloud-based EHR solution for your medical practice.

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