Trust: the Driving Force behind the Global Sharing Economy?

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Credit: Cecilie Pihl

The term “sharing economy” is on everybody’s lips these days and it will be a term that the world will get more and more accustomed to hearing on an everyday basis in the near future.

At the end of the day, the sharing economy is based on the simple principle that you can have trust in strangers.

Keeping Trust Valuable

Trust, in that sense, becomes a digital currency that can be used to gain access to any service in the sharing economy.

Teething Troubles of the Sharing Economy

…we are already seeing issues developing within this area, threatening the value of trust.

On the other hand, “if’s and but’s” must naturally occur in the burgeoning phases of any new social tendency.

Challenging Traditional Consumer Habits

As the global sharing economy grows, trust and personal accountability amongst peers might just become one’s most valuable asset

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