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A growing partnership between Deemly and Innclusive gives insight into possible solutions for discrimination in the sharing economy

Working together to defeat bias and discrimination in the Sharing Economy

In these Trump-times it seems more important than ever to discuss discrimination and how we solve it. As the sharing economy grows it brings to light societal issues of bias and discrimination; but new approaches to data and business models offer hope that bias can one day be a thing of the past.

The study found that guests with African-American sounding names were 16% less likely to be accepted for a booking

Airbnb’s response was a non-discrimination policy with detailed and specific guidance to hosts on how to avoid discriminating based on race, gender, religion and more; but that was widely criticised for not being ambitious enough.

A growing partnership between reputational venture Deemly, and home-sharing disruptor Innclusive gives insight into possible solutions

This is naturally not just a problem for Airbnb. Both Uber and Lyft have been criticised for discriminating against minorities and women. This study revealed that drivers would take longer to pick up passengers, and also take longer to drop them off or never pick them up at all. Similar issues have been raised for the LGBT community. So how do we solve these issues with the sharing economy?

The researchers tested adding a single host review to each profile which evened out the bias

Deemly CEO, Sara Green Brodersen believes that using technology and data tools to track and then inform reputations in the sharing economy offers a significantly more accurate, standard and robust way to reduce discrimination. Such reputational scores allow guests and hosts to quickly and reliably gauge past reliability across the sharing landscape, and eliminates the subjective nature and interpretation of many review systems today.

While both of these sharing companies are still young, they are tackling the issues of bias and discrimination head-on

Innclusive’s Head of Strategy, Kevin Simmons believes that companies have a responsibility to lead by example and in the sharing economy, that means insisting that any and everyone be able to benefit fairly. While supporting the idea that increased data availability could help increase comfort levels between participants he warns that it is not a cure all, and that companies should ensure their technology and practices do not enable biased actions to be taken even in a data rich environment.

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