9 Photos Of Me Smiling At Reince Priebus

The GOP chair called Hillary Clinton out for not smiling at the NBC News Forum. I’m here to help.

When Reince Priebus said that Hillary Clinton seemed “uncomfortable” and “angry and defensive” at the NBC News Forum the other night, I detected a hint of something deeper: wistfulness. As far as I can tell, no right-thinking gentleman would ever expect a woman to be smiley, perky and cute at a forum wherein she was forced to speak to Matt Lauer about matters of great import. So my guess here is Young Reince was upset that HRC hasn’t been paying him much personal attention these past few years (or ever).

So I’m here to help him out, just one lady with a computer and a dream: to smile at Reince Priebus and make him feel better. So here we go. Post your own photos on Twitter with #Smile4Reince! (All photos below are outtakes from a session with Iconic Pinups. Dress by Matrushka.)










Alright, well, I guess I’m not really smiling at him in that last one.

I’m sorry, Priebles.