House Democrats Just Turned Into George McFly At The End Of Back To The Future

“Get your damn hands off her.”

There’s a moment in the final act of “Back to the Future” (1985) when the put-upon, well-intentioned but weak-willed George McFly has a choice: to walk away from a car where his bully, Biff Tannen, is attempting to rape George’s big crush, Lorraine— or to stay and fight.

The scene arrives at the end of a classic time-travel film, specifically right after a moment in which the black musicians at the high school prom prevail against racist douchebags and rescue hero Marty McFly from being trapped in a car trunk (and thus is basically about POC saving the day once-a-friggin-gain from incompetent, abusive and/or scared white people, which is also applicable to today’s events.)

But I digress.

All politicians are prone to corruption and narcissism and garbage behavior. The House Democrats are certainly not immune to this crap, although their mission is light-years better than the encoded hate of the GOP platform. And no one actually thinks they’re going to magically save the day.

But today they clenched their collective fist. And when they swung, they finally connected.

Nice work, McFly.

P.S. Folks who read this reminded me that in the sequel, Biff Tannen is based on Donald Trump. Perfection.