The 6 Stages of Accepting Hillary Rodham Clinton As Your Next President

Sara Benincasa
Jun 8, 2016 · 4 min read

The stages are as follows.

(Note: Please follow the photos in a counterclockwise direction, beginning with the top right. They correspond to these stages.)

  1. Joy
  2. Joy
  3. Joy
  4. Joy
  5. Focused contemplation on how to advocate for her while maintaining personal and political focus on the poor, the downtrodden, the queer, the oppressed and the ignored while holding her accountable and striving in an ever-changing political landscape to be good and decent
  6. No pants

I encourage you to support Hillary Clinton for President. You can still dig Senator Sanders very much and vote for Secretary Clinton for President. You can also dig Republicans or Libertarians or Green Party folks or anybody, really, and still vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. For example, I LOVED Ralph Nader back in ’00 but I advocated for Vice President Al Gore.

It is okay to change your mind about things, to evolve, and to choose what is practical over what is the most exciting thing.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best choice we have. She is very electable and very wise in the ways of the world. She has fought tirelessly for women and children for years. I’m very excited about her but I don’t expect you to be excited about her. I just hope you vote for her.

She’s made mistakes and done things with which I disagree. I don’t need a golden calf as my candidate. I need a human as my candidate. She is a human. So am I. So are you. If you imagine your candidate is perfect, you are a cult member. Don’t be a cult member. Question everything. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

Let’s elect President Hillary Rodham Clinton and then hold her feet to the fire for eight years. Won’t that be fun? Ooh, I imagine she’ll relish the challenge. And, like President Obama before her, I think she’ll impress us as many or even more times than she pisses us off.

If all this sounds like noise to you and you consider yourself a progressive individual: imagine being a Trump voter. Wouldn’t that be sad? That would be very sad indeed.

I’m glad you’re an activist. I’m glad you fight for your liberal values.

I hope you recognize that no one is going to eliminate superdelegates by tomorrow, or by November.

If you were so upset about superdelegates many years ago, maybe you could’ve worked to change the rules to suit your liking.

You cannot snap your fingers and do that right now. You can probably work hard to create change in the future.

Superdelegates are a stupid idea. I will join you in advocating to change the system. I will not waste time doing so right now when I need to devote energy to helping defeat an actual garbage monster named Donald Trump.

If you actually are a Trump voter, I am very sad for you. Sometimes I get angry at you for your willful stupidity. When I say “stupidity,” I don’t mean you lack the kind of intelligence measured by anything so ridiculous and meaningless as an IQ score or a test grade. I mean you lack the kind of intelligence that we sometimes call compassion.

I wish you had more compassion. Not the kind they tell you to have in your church where you think gays can be cured and all the Mexican men are coming to get your daughters (who are secretly gay, surprise! People like me will take them in and donate money to help them finish their education when you kick them out of the house because they won’t go to useless “reparative” therapy.) Your church is wrong and you are wrong.

I’m talking about real compassion.

I hope you develop it as time goes on.

Meanwhile, I’m glad our next president is this woman. Not just any woman. THIS woman. She’s the right one for the job, whether or not you like her hair or her husband or her suit jacket. It’s her time, and mine.

P.S. The “Run Like a Girl” shirt is from a PAC called Emily’s List. Support Emily’s List and all their marvelous pro-choice lady Democrat candidates.

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