I refuse to feel guilt for anything I didn’t personally do.
Jeff Morse

This piece didn’t say whites don’t suffer. The piece didn’t say whites don’t experience pain. You projected all of that that because I fit into a narrative in your head, a narrative that makes you comfortable ignoring rampant problems with race and inequality in this country. You made it about you, Jeff, so I’ll do the same. The reality is that no matter your background, when you walk into a store with white skin, you don’t get followed around by a security guard. You don’t get pulled over by cops who are suspicious of you based on your profile. You experience an abundance of privilege every day in ways that don’t have a dollar sign directly attached to them. And if my piece makes you uncomfortable, look at why that is. Examine that. Do some reflecting. Or stay in your self-imposed bubble of comfort and blame problems on other people while using your ancestors’ pain and struggle as a shield. Whatever gets you through the day, Jeff.

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