When we first started building Jewelbots, just after our Kickstarter, we found we had a super engaged network of supporters and didn’t have anything to send them as our friendship bracelets were still in development. Designing and manufacturing hardware takes a long time. We decided to start selling a kit that contained an Arduino and enabled kids to program light-up LEDs and sew them on shirts, dresses, and dolls.

When it comes to learning something new, nothing beats a fun hands-on experience. There’s something about physically engaging with what you’re learning that makes things click. We’re so inspired by makers that bring science education to kids in a way that is fun and playful. That’s why we were so excited to talk to Dr. Lisa Wicker of Excel Village. Excel Village is a program designed to prepare kids for an amazing future, and to provide them the mentorship they need to get there.

Lisa reached out last year, as she wanted to have a fun experience for the girls…

For the past six months we’ve been working hard on a new product line for kids that love having fun through play. Our STEM focused Jewelbits Science Kits have been released and we’re loving your response.

STEM focused DIY craft kits that introduce cool concepts like Chemistry, Geology, Earth Science and more for under $30. We’re building a new one every quarter, and each one will teach new concepts while opening the imagination to a world of possibilities.

Our first kit is “Hello World, Neon” where kids can make their very own neon sign and learn all about the…

One thing we’ve always made a priority at Jewelbots is listening to our users — and that includes their parents. Jewelbots, the smart friendship bracelet, has been a toy girls and educators love.

Something that we’ve learned, through our community of over 35,000 and countless in-person events (they could be counted, we’ve just lost track) is that girls are brilliant, and when they find something that sparks their interest, they will learn whatever it takes to make it their own.

Jewelbots has done some incredible things in the four years since we started it. From our Kickstarter, to shipping nearly 12,000 units in 37 countries we’ve done things I thought in my wildest dreams were possible. There are now 8 year olds, around the world, mostly girls, writing C++ better than most adults. We’ve been on Good Morning America, and I’ve travelled the world meeting young ambassadors from Seattle to Sydney.

this was an amazing day

In the meantime we’ve continued to grow and innovate, we’re still the only open source wearable commercially produced, and the only wearable that talks to both your cell phone…

There are a lot of toys and even more noise out there focused on teaching kids the basics of coding. I’ve played with nearly all of the toys on the market that advertise teaching coding skills, the ones below are some of my favorites. This is your guide if you’re looking for something exciting and educational for a child in your life this holiday season.

Codebabies : Infants 0–2 Years

I mean, just the cutest.

Okay, yes, it’s fairly ridiculous to think that there are ways to shove the concepts of coding in such tiny minds, but there are. Check out these great books by codebabies. …

My job leads me to meeting lots of parents. One of the questions I am asked most frequently is “How do I get my daughter interested in coding”? The first thing I ask is “How old is she?”, when the answer is anywhere between 10 and 14 years old my next question is, “okay, now this is important; how embarrassing are you?”

If you’ve reached full embarrassing status, or can see that you’re heading there read on. It’s not bad, and it’s not a sign you’re a terrible parent. …

Stop one on our 2017 #JewelbotsBuild tour was the one the furthest away (on the other side of the world) in Melbourne. We partnered with the YOW Connected conference to get together a Jewelbots workshop hosted by REA Group.

TLDR; we’re having a bunch of super fun events sign up here.

THE most fun thing about my job is how often I get to talk to brilliant young ladies who are building awesome things with code. I still pick up every support call, and there is nothing I like more than when it’s a 12 year old at their computer trying to solve a problem (or their parent sitting next to them).

It brings me back to the days of tying up my parent’s phone line hanging out on BBSs and trying to figure out how the inside of…

Sara Chipps

I jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace. CEO @jewelbots #levolove JS4life

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