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Post Election Listening

Through the five stages of grief I’ve experienced over and over again this past month, there are two podcast episodes that I keep returning to that have meant a lot to me. I thought I’d write up this quick post to share.

First, there was the first episode of Malcom Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History. It illustrates what happens what has happened when diversity is introduced to a system that is traditionally homogenous in history. It scared me a lot before the election, and I’m sad to see it proven with the results.

What keeps me optimistic now is that the art community is alive with the incredible works of women who are featured and celebrated the world over. It’s taken many years, and much evolution, but it’s where we are. I believe in Americans and America’s ability to evolve and learn.

Second, this episode of This American Life really helped me to be enlightened around the issue of fake news and “facts”. It not only elucidated the terrifying movement to disregard fact checking, but it also takes a look at one sided reporting and how that can effect how we see an issue.

This episode caused me to take a step back and recognize that while traditional news sources, my favorites like NYTimes, the New Yorker, Forbes (also, Time Magazine once I forgive them), respect facts and fact checking; they can sometimes only report one side of a story. Does that make them as guilty as Breitbart? No, but it’s something to think about as we observe this chasm of understanding and agreement on two sides of a big country.