What The F#$! Were They Thinking?
Debbie Galant

I get that she’s supposed to be “age-defying” by not following any style rules and being “herself.” I’m also in the target demographic. Do I hate this ad? No. I find it laughable though. It’s so painfully obvious that the people who dreamed this up have never had a friend in that demographic and know nothing about what would appeal to us. A stylish older woman, yes. Even a somwhat bohemian older woman, yes (how I sort of see myself). Perhaps a variety of older women. Not, however, a picture that calls to mind a homeless baglady I used to see all the time. She wasn’t as alert as this woman, but the styling is almost exactly the same, just not as sloppily done. These marketing kids have no idea when it comes to us old broads.

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