It seems to me it’s better to have unfulfilled passion than no passion at all. I am a passionate writer but I communicate imperfectly and probably use far too many recycled terms. I have a smallish vocabulary and am very dyslexic. I will probably never write an essay without spelling and grammar errors (I just misspelled grammar again while typing that). The thing is, none of that really matters, as I scratch away at life I am slowly getting deeper into it, I can feel the protective coating on the paint peeling away and whatever lies beneath is a raw mystery with a voided warranty.
Grammar: Nobody Invited You To This Party
Nathaniel Mueller

This is why editors were invented. These are the people who don’t write, they read. And they have a need to make good writing better, more comprehensible, more polished. A good editor doesn’t want to change your words and passion. A good editor wants your passion to be crystal clear to everyone. Writers use editors (real people, not algorithms) when they want the world to read what they’ve written.