Don’t interrupt! 
But grab attention

Marketing that doesn’t interrupt people from what they are doing BUT still grabs their attention? That sounds pretty contrasting doesn’t it? However let us explain, after reading this post to the end it will make sense to you.

Everyone has experience with those annoying pop-ups online, that are hard click-away because the X is almost invisible.

Or with telemarketers, that always call you at an inappropriate time. Why? Because they try to sell you a product that you don’t want or need and never have asked for. Leaving people with a memory of irritation and an association of annoyance with the brand that is sold to them. And this association is difficult to get rid of again. Our advice: Don’t interrupt people from what they are doing if they haven’t asked for it! This will only be bad marketing for your brand. We suggest looking into the opportunities of content marketing!

Can you see the difference?

Customers will come to you
Content marketing is all about: ‘The creation of relevant and valuable content on a consistent basis to a targeted audience with the goal of increasing your profit.’ — Joe Pulizzi. By creating valuable content, that people will want to share with other people, they will become promoters of your business. So instead of YOU having to reaching out to people that might not be interested in what you are offering, customers will COME to your brand based on their interests or indication by others.

The fastest growing area of Internet Marketing
Content Marketing is the fastest growing area of Internet Marketing and research shows that blogging brings content freshness to search engine optimization.

Some numbers:

  1. B2B companies that blog, generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t (Hubspot).
  2. 23% of all time spent online is spent on social media sites. And with more and more people reading blogs, 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers (Contentmarketinginstitute). People share interesting articles with their social network online, multiplying your reach as a company
  3. Up to 80% of people, the majority, ignore Google-sponsored ads: Google has therefore made changes to their ranking algorithms and presents more educational content like blog posts and videos instead of simple website urls (searchengineland).

Because Google is constantly looking for new and fresh content, the more you blog, the more likely your site will rank high on search engines (hubspot). But pay attention! Content marketing is a long term investment.

For people to come to you for value is a question of quality and not quantity. And becoming known in a specific area as an expert, is something that takes time. The average time to create a group a followers and until driving revenue is 9 months (Hubspot/marketing-statistics).

If you have any questions, please get into contact. We are happy to help you customize your content marketing strategy for your specific audience.