A self-righteous open letter to people who write self-righteous open letters to people who write…

Emey, I’m 25 year old white girl. I was given the same golden ticket as Ms. Jane. And I’m here to tell you her demise is of no one else’s doing but her own. Not the CEO of Yelp’s doing. Not the economy’s doing. Not the wage gap’s doing. It’s. Her. Fault.

I don’t have sympathy. She’s going to do just fine. Her writing is great. This ruckus will be awesome for her freelance career. She has nothing stopping her.

You know who does have something stopping her? The 25 year old single african american mother of three living in government housing. The convicted felon who has to disclose their drug charges on every application they submit. The war veteran seeking stability after spending years in wartime chaos who is expected to effortlessly phase back into civilian society.

Do you think choosing to live in a $1200/mt apartment with a full kitchen and hot water is poverty? I lived in a shed. A. Shed. Still wouldn’t say I lived in poverty. At least I had plumbing and electricity.

If you have tears to shed, shed it for those who are experiencing actual poverty. Not the 25 year old white girls with useless college degrees (but still a college degree).

A self-righteous girl who lived in a shed

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