My Archaic Industry

Scottsdale Gun Club is legit but their “marketing” to women is not. Recently they shared a ladies only course via their social titled “Concealed with Curves: A Women’s Guide to Discreet Carry”. Highlights include a section titled “How Do I Carry? I have CURVES”… huh??

My industry needs to pull itself from the dark ages and the men attempting to “market” to women need to pull their heads out of their you know whats. The addition of a Y chromosome does not make one more apt to shoot. Why, then, does the firearms industry advertise to women as if we are aliens or small children? Curriculum is dumbed down and gun stores are still hustling pinkified and blinged out firearms and accessories- as if they’re appealing to a toddler amidst her princess phase. Ummm. I have a college degree, I run a company, and I’ve reconciled carrying a tool on my person that enables me to take a life if my own is threatened. There’s not a gun in the world I’d be intimidated to shoot and fellow ladies in the industry run circles around my bad-assery. I’m pretty sure we can compete in the same matches, shoot the same guns, and participate in the same classes as our male counterparts. No shade to the women with a persuasion for pink or sparkles, but the idea that we need to be lured into a man’s world by those means is insulting. Marketing special classes to us as if we have special needs? Equally insulting.

I manage to conceal a Glock 19 on my 94 lb. frame- I am certain someone with “CURVES” can figure out how to do the same. Is it our boobs that make it so difficult to carry? What about the beer guts so many men are sporting- that must make it difficult to draw? Perhaps I’ll market a class to address that problem. Until then, let’s agree that women in the gun industry are no longer unicorns and we can learn, train and shoot alongside the men we love so much ; )

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