‘In a gentle way, you can shake the world.’ — Mahatma Gandhi

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The Extrovert Ideal has always dominated the landscape in society and business. When we think of people in sales, leaders and all those who climb the corporate ladder, we picture them as outgoing, lively and energetic individuals.

In our extrovertist world, being outgoing is desirable and a sign of happiness, confidence and leadership. ‘People’s person’ is a compliment and something that many people strive to become. On the other hand, introverts are described as ‘shy’, ‘reserved’, ‘self-contained’ — words used in a way that suggests less desirable traits.

Simple ways to teach your pupils about critical literacy

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In the era of information, how do you know what you read is true? And, most importantly, how do you help children distinguish fact from fiction?

Fake news is a reality. Every time we switch our TV on or access content online, we get bombarded with information. Although most of the times that information may be accurate, there are times when we read something that’s not true.

The worst part is that we don’t know what is real and what’s not. We believe what we read is true because we don’t know how to distinguish truth from lies. …

The advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism at work

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“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” — Charlemagne

Speaking a language is more than just pronouncing words. It’s about exploring new sounds and patterns, understanding others, learning and exploring another aspect of yourself.

Many countries — Greece, my birthplace, included — encourage their citizens to learn languages. Languages are a means of communicating and learning what’s going on outside the borders. Also, it’s a tool for work.

In the last years, workplaces have become more and more multicultural. …

And seven ways to improve your mental health

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“In case of emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first.”

What hides behind this emergency policy that airlines highlight? It’s quite simple, yet vital: by caring for ourselves first, we can care for others as well.

As a teacher, you care for others. You have more than two dozen pupils in your classroom. You spend hours, evenings and sometimes weekends to plan lessons that will meet their individual and diverse needs.

However, you might forget to think about how the person who teaches them and supports their learning, you, meets their needs. …

Sara Tsompanidi

Sara is a former Primary Teacher who now works as a Content Editor at Twinkl Educational Publishing.

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