Women empowerment!

#Day 3

I happened to answer a question today, I guess I’d like to share the same here since it’d probably make more sense than what I may muse at the moment.

My thoughts if you ask me ‘How women can be empowered?’
I’d suggest women read. Grasp your education like it’s your only lifeline, because it’ll be. When I say education, no, I’m not talking about school and the like. Even if you are not given that chance make it a point to educate yourself. Read anything and everything you could get your hands on. To read is to gather wealth, literally, every bit will at least have something for you to know and hold. Be selfish enough to get it. Stubborn enough to stand for what is yours by right, to be in the know. Refuse to be sidelined, listen, read and enrich yourself. Even when your time is over, you’d perhaps pulled your daughter/son for a better world than the one you lived in. Empowerment starts with enlightenment. Get that! Read.