Here Comes Everyone

In the old world, communication was difficult and singular. It was almost impossible to speak to a large group of people at one time. In the current era, new kinds of group gatherings have formed, such as social media and the news. Now, we have the ability to gather in large groups without even being in the same country. This is why in the book Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky it says that most barriers to group actions have collapsed. We now have almost no restrictions. Now that we have so many recourses and ways to form group gatherings, we can begin working together to create without limits.

We currently have a media that supports consumers becoming producers, when before, it was only possible for a few large corporations. Shirky says that social tools provide a third alternative to group activities. Loosely structured groups can now operate without managerial direction and outside the profit motive (47). Life taught us at a young age that any kind of motivation other than getting paid is not good enough to be serious work. With all of the technology that we have at our fingertips, we must unlearn what we have been taught because this is becoming more and more untrue as the years go by. After creating something that we can be proud of, money is no longer the reason for creating it, love is (104).

Social media has given us the ability to collaborate with others who have the same passions as us, which means we have endless recourses. “New media” has become our main source of communication and has opened many opportunities for society. In Constituents of a Theory of the Media Hans Magnus Enzensberger begins by saying, “With the development of electronic media, the industry that shapes the consciousness has become the pacemaker for the social and economic development of societies in the late industrial age” (261). Electronic media has advanced so much in the 20th century. It is now our way to express our opinions and thoughts with the world. We can respond to what the media is telling us. With the power of social media, we no longer have to sit back and just listen.

In Inventing the Medium by Janet Murray, the question is asked, how may we think? Murray answers, “if we are lucky and mindful enough, learn to think together by building shared structures of meaning” (11). If we work smart by using our recourses of social media and can agree on building something that is important to us as a society, we will succeed. In the current digital age we have ways of being heard and with group gatherings, there is a chance that we can make a change.

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