Finding My Way

Finding what works for you is a messy, often difficult process. People go through many changes as they move through their college classes. They may begin on a Pre-Med path but perhaps they take an art course and decide that is where their true purpose lies. For me, I entered college planning to double major in Asian Studies and Communications, but it only took one semester to realize that Asian Studies wasn’t the path for me. I decided that I wanted to make things, to create them. I wanted to create films, movies and commercials that I could be proud of, and that others would want to watch. I sat down with myself and a notepad and began to go through all the reasons I had to change my career path and drop Asian Studies and all the reasons I had to stick with it, similar to the way Lindsey Pollack suggests in the book (page 51). I ended up with many more reasons to drop Asian studies, one of them even being my personal happiness, and so I made my choice.

Once I made that decision it was relatively simple to focus my efforts on media production. I was already pursuing a Media and Communications major which would make me eligible for careers ranging from marketing to screen writing. After dropping my double major I had to choose a minor, I decided to pick something that was useful but also something I greatly enjoyed. I chose to minor in writing to give myself an extra leg up in my language skills. Now I had a career path that really meshed with my personality and the person I wanted to become, and that made me want to work hard for it.

In her book Lindsey Pollack writes “you should try to get the highest paying job you can… as long as it’s something you really want to do,” (page 53). This to me is really important. My future career path will be extremely competitive, I will have to work very hard to stand out in the media industry and that will be stressful, there will be days that I will want to quit. But I know that it will also be incredibly rewarding. It would be simple for me to go out and find a job that pays a decent wage but the odds are high that it would be a mindless, soul-crushing, cubicle filled office job where I would sit in front of a desk all day. It would break my heart to do that, and I wouldn’t preform well in such an environment. It is much more important that I enjoy what I do on a daily basis than it is I make a lot of money.

“This is the time the time in your life to experiment, follow your dreams, and if necessary, work for a lower pay in order to do something you love. (page 60)

Pursuing your passions can be hard but it something that is critical to your health and happiness as a human being, and in all honesty, there is no better time to do it, than when you’re young “ — before you have dependents, a mortgage, and years of experience behind you.” (page 60). For me I plan to graduate, and then move to Asia to teach english, all while traveling and seeing as much of the world as I can and write about all of it. Those are my passions and they are what I will one day parlay into a viable and enjoyable career path, be it in film, journalism, or freelance writing.

One day after I graduate UMBC, I’ll enter graduate or film school, in order to continue to improve my dreams and my skills.